The Waller County Fair Association is a charitable tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The mission of the Waller County Fair Association (WCFA) is to promote a wholesome and productive lifestyle for our youth. The WCFA is a volunteer organization. Each year we appoint our board of directors and work with many members of the community to help produce our programs and events. We want to thank all of those who volunteer their time and resources to make our projects successful. To accomplish this, the WCFA utilizes its available resources to provide many academic and vocational scholarship opportunities. The overall goal is to develop future generations that exhibit strong character, an excellent work ethic, good sportsmanship, and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Since 1945 it has grown and added fun activities, community facilities, and expanded the scholarship opportunities.

Executive Board :

Matt Hyatt - President

Mike Higgins - 1st Vice President

Alfredo Valenzuela - Parliamentarian

Sherry Roesner - Secretary

Jason Rymer - Treasurer

Cannon Neel - 2nd Vice President

Sharon Burger - Director at Large

Paul Shollar - Director at Large

Steven Pfeiffer - Director at Large

Directors :

Paul Cox

Julie Abke

Bubba Bruner

Robert Davis

Margie Hamner

Troy Guidry

Harry Leach

Rocky Politi

John Schluens

Clint Sciba

Susan Shollar

John Pepper

Jason Neel

Cameron Warneke

Randy Mellman

Crystal Januhowski

Dustin Standley

Associate Directors :

Linda Randall

Holly Cox

Paulette Rose

Stephanie Haynes

Melissa Hegemeyer

Ashley Sciba

Donna Hamilton

Adam Cox

Julie Standley

Mike Stienhauser

Clint Stepan

Earl Rudel

Tracey Rudel

Kasie Neel

Brittany Neel

Earlyne Campbell

Bobby Coursey

Payton Coursey

Brent Davis

Scott Franz

Michelle Husky