Michael-Mae Evans

Jan. 26, 1998 - Sep. 07, 2017

Michael-Mae lived her life passionately for God, the sport of basketball, and the Waller County Fair! As far back as we can remember, it was her home away from home. She grew up barrel racing and goat tying in the arena in Little Britches and PeeWee youth rodeo organizations but it was the Waller County fair that came around once a year, that she truley lived for the most. She showed goats every year from the earliest age that you were allowed to show until she graduated from high school. She even showed her older sisters goats in the peewee show when she was just three years old.

She was very competitive but always took time to help other kids with their showing. She loved teaching her peers about the Bible, how to play basketball and helping kids with their goats. But when she was on the court or in the show ring, get outta her way! Because she practically lived at the fairgrounds and because she homeschooled she could stay up later than most therefore she went around watering all the other kids animals long after they had gone home and were in bed. Most of you know the goat pens are next to the pig pens and that's where you would often find her, laying in a pig pen with somebody's pig unbeknownst to them.

Back when the petting zoo came to the fair, year after year, she would camp out in there and was on a first name basis with that little old man who ran it. He wouldn't even charge her for food anymore because she was his little helper. Her senior year she received a scholarship from the Fair Board and was very proud of that accomplishment. Her dream was to finish college and become a vet so she could continue caring for the animals that she had such a passion for. She was able to attend two semesters of college before she went home to be with the Lord. She told me the last year while she was in the hospital, You know, mom, I'm OK with not being able to have played basketball my senior year but had I not been able to show my goats my last year in 4H, well that would've been the worst thing ever. Yes if there was ever a young girl that had Waller County Fairgrounds Dirt in her boots, it was Michael-Mae Evans!

For additional information you may contact the fair office at 979-826-2825.