2018 Volunteer Sign Up

Parent Work Rule

For an eligible exhibitor to participate in any of the Junior Division categories (i.e., Livestock, Poultry, Colt, Rabbits, Arts and Crafts, etc.) their family will be required to perform a minimum of eight (8) hours per family of volunteer service of fair related activities. If a parent cannot work the 8 hours, they can get a family member or friend to work for them. This requirement must be met in order for the exhibitor to participate (show and/or sell) at the Waller County Fair.

(IF YOU TAG-IN A PROJECT BUT FOR ANY REASON WILL NOT BE BRINGING IT TO THE FAIR, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE FAIR OFFICE NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE FAIR OR THE WORK HOURS MUST BE WORKED). The Fair Secretary will furnish Chairpersons with adequate information to assure this work rule has been met. Parents that did not fulfill their work time at the prior year's fair will result in their family being ineligible to show during the current fair. You may pay a $250 per parent ($500 per family) fine for non-fulfillment of prior year's work time prior to your family’s fair tag-in.

You can sign up after September 1st on-line using the link below, or you may contact the fair office at (979) 826-2825.

Please, only use quanity for COUPLES ONLY! If you sign others up we wont be able to email / text them to remind them of their volunteer time.

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Q: What if we have two or three children exhibiting? What do I enter in the "Exhibitor" name field?
A: Enter the name of your oldest child exhibiting in this field. Use the "Other Exhibitors" field to list the names of your other children who are exhibiting.
Q: What if I am not the parent, but am volunteering in a parent's place (i.e. I am a grandparent or friend, etc.)?
A: Please enter a note in the "Comment" field to that effect (i.e. "grandparent volunteering for ...").
Q: If one of my selected slots is less than 4 hours, how do I make up the difference to volunteer the full 8 hours required?
A: If you sign up for two slots, that is sufficient, even if the total hours is only 6 or 7 hours.

For additional information you may contact the fair office at 979-826-2825.