Volunteer Sign-Up

Rules :


  • PARENT SIGN-UP: NEW TIME - Reminder that parent sign-up starts at 12 noon on Wednesday, September 1st. All families are required to work a total of 8 hours (2 slots), for the exhibitor to be eligible to show and sell. Does not have to be the parent, you can have a grandparent, friend or other family member work. Please make sure that you put the parent name in the work slot.
    1. Only ONE parent name per slot. Please fill out all areas completely. Make sure you put your email, you will receive a confirmation email of your sign-up and a reminder a couple days prior to your work time.
    2. Please view all dates and slots available prior to making your selection.
    3. Once you have found where you want to sign up Click the SIGN UP Button.
    4. If you change your mind and want a different slot you MUST go back and delete your name from the original slot.
    **Season Boxes: you will see 4 slots, each person will be working in a different location. Not as a group or couple. You will be working with a police officer monitoring the rodeo season boxes and taking tickets.
    *** Gates: We have a new gate system this year. On slots where there are 5+ people, some will be selling tickets and others will be taking tickets at a different location that is close by.
    If you have any questions, please email sherry@txroesner.com