Volunteer Sign-Up

Rules :

  • Rule 1 : Please View All Dates and Slots Available Prior to Your Selection
  • Rule 2 : Once You Find Where You Would like to Sign Up Click on the SIGN UP Button
  • Rule 3 : If you change your mind, you must go back to the slot you dont want and delete your name from there.  If you sign up in multiple slots and don't remove your name you will be responsible for working that slot.
  • Rule 4 : ONLY PUT ONE NAME ON EACH SLOT -- Each Parent/Worker must be on a seperate request --SELECT 1 SPOT AT A TIME.  If you put both parents names on one slot, one will be deleted and you will be asked to find another slot.  (We know it has where you can pick multiple spots but it is a problem with the program and we will not see that you signed in)  Please fill out all areas completely.
  • Rule 5 NOTE: Season Boxes are worked by only one person in 4 different locations, you will be working with a police officer monitoring the rodeo season boxes and taking tickets.